bigkidsid (bigkidsid) wrote in thequestionclub,

oh what have I done..

Heavy techy pc issue....

follow up from my last post

It seems I've got into a real polava with installing a memory upgrade on my pc!

I bought a second ram stick from pc world a couple of weeks ago, and the PC went totally googoo when I was installing it (no video output when turning on from either the new ram, the original ram, or the inbuilt graphics card)

At one point when installing it, I turned the pc on to test, and got a shriek noise, and a burning smell from somewhere!

All the evidence pointed to it being the motherboard (ecs 760m), along with diagnosises from most technincal people I'd spoken too

So - I bought a used board off ebay (went for the same model, to make sure everything would be compatible), and arranged for a techy to fit it. (I also bought spare ram, in case any of that had been fried as well) - The original ram was a half gig samsung sticl. the pc world ones were pny

The guy came to fit it today, and left with exactly the same problem as I'd started with (ie, no video ioutput) - he said he thought it was the ram (he tried the inbuilt video, as well as my gfx card, and jgot nothing)

Since he left - I have tried the original ram stick, as well as the first stick which I bought (and caused all the problems), as well as the spare sticks i bought. 3 of these result in no video output, the first extra stick I bought gives the same "beeps" that I get if I have no ram installed - this would seem rto imply that only one of the sticks is faulty?

could I have been exceptionally unlucky and got another duff board? or could there be another reason for the problem?

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