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Supreme Court Justices

Yesterday in my American Government class, we were discussing the present Supreme Court justices. I'm reading about sex-based discrimination in one of my classes so the name "Marshall" popped into my head and I said it. HAHA oh man I'm a super duper dumdum. That being said...

1. Can anyone name all the justices without googling? :) You don't have to actually list them. I'm just curious if you could if you had to.
2. Do you think the Supreme Court just makes shit up sometimes? Any examples?
3. Who's your favorite justice evverrrr?

1. I can't, no. But I could remember some from yesterday.
2. Well, yes. I think it's inevitable that they've had to pull shit out of their ass every now and then, since the men who founded the constitution all had slaves and treated their women like poopies.
3. William J. Brennan!

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