The Whole Catastrophe (wild_root_fruit) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Whole Catastrophe

I'm just a f*cking mental.

I'm trying to really figure out how to word this but I'm not doing well this morning. 

Is there a good website to help someone figure out what mental disorder they might have? I know the only way to get a true diagnosis is a psycholgist/ psychiatrist, but outside of that I wonder if you've found a website to be useful. This is NOT for self-diagnosis...just some insight. 

I think things that are well known disorders like BPD might be a little bit over-self-diagnosed? sometimes. And so many of the disorders have the same symptoms...which is why having a profession asses the situation is important. But until I can get to a professional, I'd like to do some of my own research.

Do you have any disorders? If so, what do you have? Do you remember some sort of incident or turning point that made you go and get diagnosed? Have you been helped/ do you feel better?

Bonus points if you know who the title/ artist of the song in the title of this post. (Without googling.)


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