awesome (nicoley) wrote in thequestionclub,

I know computer questions are played...but I am desperate.

I had a tablet pc, and i used it a lot for school. I also played The Sims2 on it all the time, which is a very graphics intensive game. My boyfriend broke my computer, and is buying me a new one.

My computer was the M200 and it had a really good Nvidia graphics card. For some reason (that I CANNOT COMPREHEND) the M400 (exact same, just new version of my old comp) has an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950...basically good for nothing. It won't play the Sims.

But the Sims isnt the only thing...the other computer im considering instead is much better in every single comparable way. (Except size.)

Weighing pros and cons, I should get the non-tablet, but for the classes that I've used the tablet, I honestly don't know how I would have gotten by without it. And I'm sure I'll have more classes like that over the next 5 semesters...

So should I get the good computer, or get the one thats not as good but probably more useful?

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