manicgummibear (manicgummibear) wrote in thequestionclub,

Not a 'What Should I Get???' Post

Hay , bbs.

I want to get my aunt a Christmas present. I can't afford anything really awesome because I'm fucking poor and she's rather well off so she can buy herself pretty much anything she wants anyway. Still, I thought about what I could get her as a nice gesture anyway and decided that a dog figure would be cool because she collects all these doggie figurines and has them all over her surfaces.

I want it to be cool, though. Funny. She'd dig something crazy, like a doggie figurine with devil horns or something. Does anyone know where I can get a doggie figurine with devil horns? Or, can you recommend a doggie figurine that is equally (or more so) amusing? It would pwn my day if you could help. Links to ebay auctions/websites quite welcome. 

Much love, 


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