i see you, you see me (deepenmybreath) wrote in thequestionclub,
i see you, you see me

:( Console me please

On Sunday my friend and I were called and told we were selected for a job. Naturally we were very happy. However, my friend was called in first on Monday so she went to work. The manager told my friend he lost my application form and I was to start training on Thursday. So I waited 3 painful days. I called on Thursday at 3.30 PM because the office closed at 5.00PM. He told me he hasn't done the roster and would call me back later. Until 11.30PM, no call.

At 12.45AM, my friend called to tell me she just got off work and he told her I may or may not get called in because 2 other guys are coming in.

So I am very pissed. He lied to me right?
It was very unprofessional, he did not keep his promise.
And if he wasn't intending to hire 2 persons for the job, he could have told me on Sunday, right? Instead of saying the both of us have been selected.

If he ever calls to tell me I can go for the job, I'm gonna say no because I feel like a bloody backup.

Any similar experiences? What would you say if he called?

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