iamscared11111 (iamscared11111) wrote in thequestionclub,

Crush wants to take me to lunch on Saturday. I honestly don't want him to pay, but how to do this?

How would I go about this without awkwardness? I've never went on a "real" date ever before, but I know that I'd feel super uncomfortable if he paid for it. He has to work and pay off his tuition on his own, and my parents are paying for mine.

Would he be offended if I don't let him pay? How would I casually make it so I'd pay for my own lunch? Would he think that I think we're going just as friends?

He's 20; I'm 18.

Someone told me that when the bill comes, I should reach for my wallet and say, "Want to go dutch?" I think that's a great idea, but will he take it as "This is not a date. Don't do me any favors." and thus think I'm not interested?

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