k (agentrayevyn) wrote in thequestionclub,

tqc, plz to b tellin me why my computer is stupid.

i have cable internet. i have a relatively new linksys modem. windows xp.

since this weekend, the signal tends to randomly flake out... surfing the web goes incredibly slow or not at all, sometimes pages load and sometimes they don't, sometimes my messages send and sometimes my friend doesn't get them. and then there are times like this where it seems like nothing has happened.

i've reset the modem, unplugged it from the power supply and let it sit, and earlier today it didn't initialize before i left for school. mom called the cable company and they said their end was showing no power to the modem (yes, it was plugged in). she comes home and it works fine, then it flakes on me.

when i try to log onto msn and it's down, i'll run the troubleshooter and it always comes up with the "key ports" having problems. i tell it to repair them, it does, and sometimes -- voila. connection. other times, not so much. it worked just now.

so, tqc. is it my computer, or did i fry another modem?

(advice, what to do, plz?)

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