Valera (valera) wrote in thequestionclub,

wireless connectivity

So I'm renting an apt. in a 3 apt. house with the landlord living on 2nd floor and me living on ground floor with another apt. next to mine with a couple in it.
The landlord has a cable modem in her apt. and a wireless router. Unfortunately either the topography or the god-knows-what of the house is such that me and my ground-floor neighbour get absolutely horrible wireless connectivity down here. We've both tried different wireless cards, wireless retransmission devices, etc. Nothing really helps. Also, sometimes the signal is somewhat ok (45%), and often the connection just dies... and comes back in a minute or so.

So... any ideas on how to fix this? We've thought about running cat5 cables from upstairs.. but that's sort of ugly and we haven't yet talked to the landlord about it. Aside from that, what can we do? (We do have other cable jacks on the ground floor.. is it possible to hook up another cable modem to one? How does that work?)

Thanks for any suggestions.

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