"if there's a problem w'that, we can get it on..." (jspurlin) wrote in thequestionclub,
"if there's a problem w'that, we can get it on..."

YO-- vocabulary and retrieval?

ok, so help me out, TQC. I'm pissed at the lack of vocabulary I use. I have the vocabulary-- I can express myself well on paper, and I used to be able to do so when speaking. Well... ok, more than I can now, at least.

I have a pretty thick accent (in both speech pattern and usage), so "articulate" is a bit of a stretch, on a good day.

I'm tired of getting tongue-tied trying to think of a word I know-that-I-know-and-just-can't-retrieve, things like that.

What can I do to expand my vocabulary and make things easier to think of and retrieve from memory?

(and no, I haven't been around much lately for the last couple/few months... Hi, everybody.)

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