Gerald Washington (alpacacock) wrote in thequestionclub,
Gerald Washington

The view from here is quite lovely.

A. Which do you think came first: Jesus or anything else?

B. Is the Earth flat?
How much of your life did you have to devote to that question to be able to answer it?

C. Wikipedia says Sherri Shepherd is a comedian. Is this part of her comedy routine?

D. Do you know anyone stupid enough they could be a part of The View?
E. What kind of things have they claimed?

1. In unrelated news, yesterday some dude spoke out against the Yucca Mountain project calling it "environmental racism". I can understand how the idea of raping the land of not-white-folk would be considered racism, but what is environmental racism?

Also, the Associated Press is calling this guy a "Nevada Indian" or an "American Indian".
2. Is this really the current PC term for that guy?
3. What terminology would you use to describe the dude?

4. Do you support Yucca Mountain and/or the expansion of nuclear power in your locale?

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