Kay (bookwh_ore) wrote in thequestionclub,

 Advice, onoes.

1. Is it totally inappropriate to ask if I can bring my boyfriend to help me babysit on Saturday night?
(Two things to know: I only get to see my boyfriend once a week, due to school and the fact we live an hour away from eachother. Secondly, and more importantly, I've known this family for about four years. I dated their son in high school, and we ended on bad terms, but recently the mother called and asked me to be their nanny since I have experience. I've ended up seeing my ex since then, and we're okay now, but he's going to be at the house, I believe, and with his new girlfriend. That doesn't bother me, and it won't bother him to see my new boyfriend, but it might be weird to the mom having my boyfriend there. I think.)

(ANOTHER eta)  I probably should have put more time into explaining. I mean, I've known the family forever, me and the guy are friends now, and have been for a few months. I've even been to their house recently just to hang out, before this babysitting thing. I basically grew up in their home, during high school at least, and it's a really casual place for me now. Anyways, I don't know if that makes a difference. Proooobably not.

2. I'm getting gifts for my coworkers, and I'm having a hard time with one. He loves Bob Dylan, and I know really nothing about the artist. I'm fairly certain he already has all his albums. Are there any really good DVDs of his concerts, or anything interesting I could get him? 

And one with no advice:

3. How is your relationship with your boss/coworkers? Are you close? Do you hate them?

4. Do you think you could be a candidate for What Not to Wear?

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