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Waha, I'm back and this time I'm not going to ask a dumb computer related question.

I would like opinions on a matter which I have been running through my mind since the beginning of December...

My 21st birthday is coming up in two weeks and I was hoping to celebrate with my friends and with my family.

Here is the problem...

My family has settled on going out to a steak place that I love and we went to last year for my 20th. No problem there...except I think my mother expects me to get stinkin' drunk.

The problem is the friend dinner. I was thinking of offering for us to all go to Red Lobster, but the thing is that none of my friends are at the legal age to drink. There is one other person in the group who can but she is someone that I would rather not invite to go...

1. If I go to a restaurant with my friends should I order a drink even though my company cannot drink?(they do anyway, just not in public)

2. Should I invite the one person to appease the others or just the people I want to go?

3. If someone 'just comes' can I be rightfully angry?

4. Should I just forget the whole thing?

I would just like some opinions on the matter, and it would be interesting what anyone else would do in this situtation.


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