the congreve cube (leastlikely) wrote in thequestionclub,
the congreve cube


1. Will you show me your resume? I mean, I just want to know what types of information you've included (as well as the objective, and how the info relates to it) and also how you've set it up.

2. How should I explain my education situation in my resume without being tl;dr?

I went to James Madison University from Fall 2004 to Spring 2007. I started as an English major/secondary ed minor/theatre minor. In Spring 2006, I kept the theatre minor but dropped everything else and switched to a biology major. I completed 79 credits there (well, more, but that's all that transferred) but the only upper-level classes I took were for my theatre minor. In Fall 2007, I transferred to Virginia Tech majoring in English with a concentration in professional writing. At the end of this semester, I'll have 6 credits here, and none of them toward my major. I haven't taken any theatre classes at VT, but I'm two upper-level courses away from getting that minor.

Basically, I've been in college for 3.5 years and all I have taken is gen eds, plus a handful of theatre classes.

I am only planning to take one class next semester, and am looking for a full-time job (hence the resume).

That description won't fit in my resume. The lady at the career center gave me a booklet about writing resumes, but all that info assumes that you've graduated or are planning to graduate. =\ Any ideas?

3. I had a really awesome ice cream sundae last night. It was vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, Reese's pieces, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, rainbow sprinkles, and whipped cream. If you had your choice of absolutely ANY topping and ANY ice cream flavor in the universe, what would your ideal sundae be?

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