My Dear Delirious (cpl593h) wrote in thequestionclub,
My Dear Delirious

So, one of my customers offered me a job last night. She owns a private bartending company for events like holiday parties, wedding receptions, graduation parties, etc. I told her I was super interested, but that I was leaving in January and wouldn't be back until April. She told me to call her immediately when I get back, because that's the beginning season for weddings. This sounds like potentially awesome money. I liked her so much that I'm considering ditching my job now to work for her for a couple more weeks before I leave.

Should I do it, or wait until I get back?

(For the record, I work for a corporate casual fine dining place, getting scheduled about 3 more shifts than I asked for, and making shit money. I just don't know if starting another job so soon before I leave is a good idea.)

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