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Online photography services

I'm looking for an online photography source that provides gallery-quality, durable printing services at prices that won't break the bank. I occasionally sell photography prints of my work, and I want people to know that they've gotten a photograph that is going to be durable, and not fade after a few weeks/months.

Previously, I have tried Wolf Camera. They have excellent turn-around time of course (less than an hour) but I have prints I made from them less than eight months ago, and the colors already look a bit off. does poster prints, but I've found their print quality to be very hit-or-miss, often over-saturated with colors. (Their t-shirts are fine, but results on their calendars, notebooks and tiles have been spotty.) provides really nice quality prints, but I'm not sure what their long-term durability is.

There's so many print services these days, ranging from Flickr affiliates to (not really happy with Snapfish quality) and so on... it doesn't have to be flashy, it just has to be quality without crazy prices.

Has anybody used Or is there any other company you'd recommend? (I also appreciate any business suggestions in Chicago, as that's local and doesn't have to be online, just have digital price capacity for me to be able to use).


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