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the eternal question...

...technically there's a lot of "eternal questions" but that's hardly the point.

you're imagining this6:55 AM 11/11/07 · It's often interesting to me that it seems that a number of the actors I like have accents. Not in what I see them in, there they sound totally normal non·specific American accents, but if they do interviews they sound English or British or Canadian or any number of other things. It's a stark difference and the only immediate example I can name would be Lucy Lawless. Back in her Xena days I heard her all the time but the first time I saw her do an interview when she was using her actual accent I was blown away.

That's a strong accent...forget what it was offhand. New Zealand maybe...?

So, why is it all of these non·American actors are allowed to do American accents yet for Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Kevin Costner wasn't allowed to use an English accent?

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