The Hang Man (sea_sleeping) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Hang Man

Holiday Cheer

What do I get a lovely gentleman for Christmas?

Here are the dilemmas that make the question difficult:
1. We are not dating (so nothing overly cutesy). However, we are very close friends who sleep together and go out on dates, if that makes any sense.
2. He is a well-known musician who has all the musical gadgets he could ever need but if there are any really creative suggestions from musicians about maybe something I can get him for his perpetual life on a tour bus, I'd love to hear them.
3. He is 32.
4. My spending limit is literally about $25 as I am in college.
5. When I asked what he wanted, he answered "surprise me". He did not respond to pleas for hints.
6. He is a cancer/leo cusp with strong leo tendencies, astrology buffs are welcome to do what they want with this information.

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