yattaboe (yattaboe) wrote in thequestionclub,


i can't breath. this happens sometimes. i experience shortness of breath and my heart's racing and i feel like my body is constantly changing altitudes even when i'm stationary. and i often feel physically exhuasted.

i have a ticket to see death cab for cutie tonight. i don't really like them all that much... they've been growing on me, but i much prefer the postal service, and sometimes i just want death cab to shut the hell up because they start to sound too whiney for me. but when i got the ticket i thought it might be cool to go.

but now i feel odd, and really tired, and i already have a long day before the show (work pretty much 8am til 9:30). i kind of don't want to go anymore, but i feel like not going would be the same as whining. like i should go because otherwise i'm just being really whiney and self-centered. i mean, it happens fairly often that i feel anxious and unable to breath, so i really shouldn't cater to it, that's just being self indulgent. at least that's what some section of my brain is trying to persuade me. but that's sort of silly, right? Or maybe it's right. I'm feeling ambivalent. Is it a moral side step or even catastrophe to not attend a Death Cab show (and thus lose almost ALL of your indie scene points) just because of a condition that is most probably psychosomatic?

edit: i should probably clarify, that the not breathing and such has NOTHING to do with the show. its origin is completely separate. i just had a case of Not Going to Show Guilt that tried to persist despite already feeling weird anyway. i mean, i really care about indie scene points, but not that much. :P

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