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Damn, this is a mess. What to do?

My mom suddenly informed me that I absolutely *have* to go to college full-time all of a sudden so her insurance will cover me. My other plans for jobs and internships fell through so I'm not bent out of shape over that because I wanted to go back and study anyway...

Mother dearest is insisting it's possible to go to a local college and sign up for a bunch of classes, whatever the hell I please, so long as I have enough credits to consider myself a "full-time student." I am... sure it doesn't really work that way and this is probably a horrible season to decide to do something like that. I mean... she insists I find a college to go to by January but just... what? I don't know how I'm supposed to work for a degree for something I don't really want to do, or not for a degree at all, just to satisfy an insurance company. And it really can't be that simple.

And there's the fact I DON'T want to go to college in my area. She doesn't believe that many colleges actually have dorms... and insists it would be better if I stayed in the area because out of state is just too expensive. I don't want to do this and I'm pretty sure there's nothing I want to study that would be available here. (Honestly I think she's afraid to let me go, which seems to be a huge factor in all of this.)

I just... don't know. What should I do, go for a degree I don't give a shit about? Try to find something to go to? Somehow convince my mom this is kind of a dumb idea?

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