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I have a 16-20 page Spanish final paper worth 45% of my grade due in exactly two weeks. Before writing this I also have to finish another 20 page paper and write a 10 page paper and in theory finish my thesis but that won't happen, and I don't have a topic for it yet. :\

What should I write about?

1. Plata quemada, comparing and contrasting the book and movie about Argentina's gay version of Bonnie & Clyde. This one would be more fun to write I think, but I'd have to read the whole book myself because we didn't read it in class, while simultaneously trying to write all these other papers. But I've already seen the movie so it would be easy to follow what's going on. But I'm afraid I'm going to end up repeating a lot of what two of my classmates said in their presentation, but their ideas/class discussion would give me a starting point... Also I'd be able to say a lot about the movie because I'm a film major and I could connect it to what I've learned in my seminar about violence in films.

2. Comparing two female authors of detective fiction (Angelica Gorodischer and Maria Elvira Bermudez) and talking about how their works show feminist themes, use female characters, etc., in a genre dominated by men and masculine themes. I've already read some stories by them so I wouldn't have to read a whole new book, but I'd have to refresh myself on what I already read. I feel like this would be easier to write about maybe but frankly I'm not a huge fan of their writing, it's kind of boring. I already did a presentation on Gorodischer though so I would have a head start.

So what's my topic?

Plata quemada
female authors

Third option: or do I just change my name, assume a disguise, and hightail it to Mexico and live out the rest of my life on a sunny beach in Acapulco where no one cares whether or not I finished my senior year of college?

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