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Bob Ross

Would you buy the Bob Ross Video game?

Why do my neighbors hate me? 
Last weekend, while working out in the yard, the neighbors called animal control saying I left my small chihuahua, Tot, out in the freezing cold. My mom, my cousin and my sister's boyfriend were all in the front yard raking up leaves and the dog was watching us and playing; even the guy that came out asked if our neighbors hated us. This morning I woke up and found a yellow flyer in the screen door because of  "A complaint of alleged ordinance violation." And he also checked the box that says "This case will not be closed until contact is made in person." I'm scared to call! 
Are they gonna take away my precious doggiez? 
Or is this payback for the one time my cat shit all over the inside of my neighbor's van because they locked him in there? 


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