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So I found this once I remembered the name of the original song, "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaack. (sp?)

What do you think of Bloodhound Gang's remake?
(Someone flagged it because ...Oh nooooos...It suggests some sexual content and some profanity)
So only if you have an account will you be able to view it, along with if you're 18+...

What do you think of censorship? Should children or what this country deems as children be sensored to such an extent
as opposed to being shielded from violence on television, the news, etc.?

I found it to be hilarious and watched it a few times in a row because well it makes me laugh and laughing is one of the things we should participate in every day! ^.^

America is just too much of a dictatorship. It's hypocritical to limit what children can and cannot watch such as some sexual content or adult language while there's MTV and the freaking Channel 9 news showing some dude shooting up a school.....

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