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work laws in Michigan

i suck at googling because i never know the proper string of words to use so am asking here for help. this is for a friend of mine in Michigan.

she works for an Olan Mills studio. currently (for the season) she is working seven days a week and is the ONLY one at the studio. she is sent NO help, despite frequent customer complaints about wait times and the website double booking against physical/call-in bookings done at the studio itself. lately (today was the third day in a row) she was given no lunch hour. her shifts range from six hours (today) to nine (saturdays).

now i may be in a diff state (CA), but last i checked, it was illegal to deny an employee a lunch hour if they work at least four hours. i asked her this and she said that was the case, but their HR dept is being taught to look the other way.

it seems complaining to corporate will not work. if this persists, she may take my advice to complain to whatever government agency this falls under--the one that fines the asses off large companies who violate this rule. who would that be?


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