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a question about your familie

so, tqc, tell me about a specific set of your family, namely: grandparents.
you can pick one if you want and talk about them in depth, or just little things from all four.

are they still alive?

if so, could you describe their personalities (anything you can think of - what to do they like, what do they do with their spare time, anything)?

do you get along with them?

if they aren't alive, did you know them?

what do you know of them?

would you tell me a story about them, something they said or did that sticks with you?

her name's virginia. she was born in iowa in 1918 and raised in the depression, so she's very concerned about not wasting Anything. she even once took a half eaten carton of french fries to my sister's house and left it in her mailbox because she thought my niece might eat them. she was very athletic, and used to play basketball when she was young. she is very religious and she married young, right before WWII. she had a son while her husband was at war, and he died in germany. she married again (to my grandfather, who is dead from lung cancer about fifteen years ago, maybe twenty). all together, she had three kids and one stepson.

she's very smart but also very prejudiced; she's sexist against her own gender and is somewhat racist - although not hatefully. she says funny things, really believing them, like "well, you know, black people can't get hurt. they have thicker skulls than we do." she's also a depressive person, and refuses to believe that depression is something that can be treated.

she was always very independent and so being in a nursing home is very hard on her. we go and see her at least once a week. but she's not the type to be happy unless he's completely independent, and her health just doesn't allow for that.

so anyway, here's a picture of her from 1939:

my gramma in 1939. - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

oh, and to clarify with an edit: she is my maternal grandmother.


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