jean-ralphio (hobogloves) wrote in thequestionclub,

Assorted questions

1. Do grammatical/spelling errors bother you more when they're in some sort of official setting?

2. There are holes in my jeans. Normally that would be ok, but these holes are right in the upper inner thigh/crotchal region. Can I fix them so that I'm not exposing myself every time I wear the jeans? Will I need to put some kind of crazy external patch on? I fear that this will just draw attention to my thighs, which is not something I want to do.

3. Beauty and the Geek: ftw or ftl?

1. YES. I just saw a disclaimer on Beauty and the Geek that said "Portions of this program not EFFECTING the outcome have been removed." It just weakens my faith in humanity when errors like this happen, especially when you'd think that at least one person responsible for making a television show might know better.

2. I am thinking about taking them back to Nordstrom again to have them re-patch the inside part, but since the previous patch has already worn out I just don't know. I love these jeans so I want to try and salvage them.

3. FTW, especially in marathon form.

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