anapology (anapology) wrote in thequestionclub,

Yesterday i posted the 'What is my boyfriends mum's name' question...

You all wanted to know the awful womans name (who was not awful until last night, i fear my brain freeze may have tainted my view of her. I can now longer think of her name without wincing)

Finally, I can reveal her name is.. CLAIRE!

Really not a hard name to remember, I guess i'm just dumb.

I finally got to bed at 6am thanks to the wonderous 911pleasehold who gave me the answer, and she will be recieving a beautiful Christmas Card all the way from rainy England.

So, on the subject of forgetting, what is the worst thing/person/whatever you've ever forgotten?

I forgot I had taken a DVD out from Blockbuster once, I ran up a ridiculous charge.
My boyfriend forgot Valentines Day a couple of years ago, I'd made him this amazing card, done a painting of his favourite album cover.. and he'd just forgotten. The fool.

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