Killer Queen (cake_n_bacon) wrote in thequestionclub,
Killer Queen

My mother ordered table pads from Levitz for a dining room table we bought in October. They were special order, because the table is an unusual shape, and we were assured it would be delivered by November 20th. The next week they filed for bankruptcy and all production was halted, so they only sold what was already made and in the warehouses. We weren't told this, I only found out because my SO's father works for the company. So we called the number on the order form and reached a warehouse, where a very polite man apologized for everything, but there was nothing he could do, and suggested calling the store instead. We called a store and a woman picked up who laughed at the fact that we didn't know the details of how the company was going out of business, then put us on hold for almost 30 minutes, then laughed again when my mother asked if the order was ever going to be completed and said "Honey, don't you know what going out business means? You're not getting the pads!" Then she asked if we still wanted to pay for the pads or if we wanted our money back, and hung up when my mother asked for a manager. We also found out that the money we paid for warranties on the furniture we bought is null, because once the company goes out of business they won't be upholding any warranties.

So, TQC, what would you do now?

Do any Long Island TQC-ers know a reliable furniture store that might sell table pads?


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