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1) Where are some websites, places for classes, videos, etc. that I can learn sign language from (hopefully for little-to-no cost)?

2) What's your favorite cleaning tip?

3) Will it be snowing where you live in the next few days?

4) Have you ever heard anyone say "yunz"? (

My answers:
1) There's a deaf anthropology major that's in a few of my anth. classes that I recently friended on Facebook. I'd love to talk to him without his interpreter to become his friend. Also I've been wanting to learn ASL for a while because it seems like such a neat skill.

2) I know that if you mix ammonia, vinegar, and water it makes windex that works really well.

3) It's supposed to be a wintry mix for the next 6 days here in State College. D:

4) I heard it while working tonight from a customer. At first I was confused but then I heard her accent and I realized that's what it was. It's a good thing I had heard of it before, else I'd be completely lost, haha.

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