Screaming Jet (jformaldehydem) wrote in thequestionclub,
Screaming Jet

Fox Hunting

I want to go out and shoot some foxes. Here is my weapon
(for those who use image placeholders, it's a camera)

I live in south east Queensland, Australia, where foxes are a feral pest. I recently sighted a fox not far from my house and I'd like to take some shots of the local fox population both because it would be interesting and also so I can submit the photos to the local conservation groups for their information. Of course, I know nothing of tracking foxes, and since I've lived in fox territory for the full 26 years of my life and this is only my second sighting I gather that foxes are rather elusive. So I was wondering if anyone would know of anywhere I could get information on fox tracking? Maybe some hunting forums, though I'm not sure if they'd be of any help because as far as I know hunters genrally use dogs, and my dog only has a small amount of ridgeback in him which is only good if I'm looking for lions, which I yet have to see roaming the streets around here.

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