Connie (twofishsquished) wrote in thequestionclub,

My friend was telling me of an argument she was having with her friend about whether you can swim in pool full of Jello. Her friend believe you could because he believes it's just like water, and of course, you can swim in water. She and I, however, say you can't. Though I can't really explain why. Jello isn't like water, it does have a definite shape. When you're at the bottom of the pool(of Jello) and try to swim your way up by pushing off like you would in water, you're just pushing the Jello away, not pushing yourself up. Jello just isn't hard enough to stay in place. But with a pool full of water, when you push water, more water takes its place, so that way you always have something to push off of and you end up pushing yourself upward. I'm not sure if my argument is really valid, but that's why I come for your opinions. :) So do you believe if you're in a pool of Jello, you are able to swim your way out or are you just doomed to drown in it?

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