required field (yahvah) wrote in thequestionclub,
required field

i'm hoping my writing skills will more than make up for the voice kind of like kanye west

Do you wish you had a different tone or timbre in your voice?

If you listen to a couple a capella rap lines rapped fluid but languid, do I sound too nerdy that I'd end up being a nerdcore rapper on MySpace with no chance whatsoever of attracting listeners?

I'm a Tenor, and can get a pretty deep sounding falsetto, but it still never has the quality of timbre as a baritone like Tupac's. I covet his voice. I took singing lessons from an opera singer, and have been giving myself my own diction lessons to work my voice out as best as I can. I'm glad I inherited the German timbre and tone from my father and not something much worse.

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