J. (socraticomatic) wrote in thequestionclub,

Single speed bikes

Some people are really into single speed (aka. "fixed speed", basically no multiple gears) bikes, preferring them over the more-common-these-days multi-gear bikes.

I'm planning on getting a bike and want to get the type I will most enjoy, so I want to understand why these people prefer single speed bikes.

To me, multiple gears are good because you can put the bike in a low resistance gear (I don't remember whether this is called a "high" or "low" gear, so that's question number #1) when you're going up a hill for example, but when you're going along a flat, easy surface you can change gears and give yourself more resistance to work against, so the exercise doesn't seem so pointless (hope that makes sense).

So my main question is, in light of this advantage, Why are single speed bikes so good?

Wikipedia says the advantages are that ss bikes are lighter, and simpler and cheaper to maintain. I personally think that the "hipster factor" plays a part - ss bikes are yesteryear and less common now, and therefore have more cred.

(I tried to find an LJ comm solely for single speed bikers, but surprisingly couldn't find one that wasn't completely dead.)

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