Alexi J. Lupin (alexi_lupin) wrote in thequestionclub,
Alexi J. Lupin

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1 - Anyone know any good sites to get free sheet music?

2 - Anyone else in the southern hemisphere wish summer was OVER? It's been one day and I'm sick of it already.

3 - I had a Monty Python marathon on Thursday. We watched the 4 movies. What should be our next movie marathon, TQC? Was the whole thing a thinly veiled excuse to invade each other's personal space?

4 - Are there any Wii games that require JUST the remote - not the nunchuck? I can't hold anything in my left hand, but I can press things - so Playstation controllers are ok. Is it worth getting a Wii or would I be limiting myself and wasting money?

5 - What question would you like to be asked right now? What's the answer?

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