Shadist (shadist) wrote in thequestionclub,


Well this is interesting.

Ok I finally have what I need to sign up for my 401K plan! *Cheer*

I can contribute up to 15%. The company matches 100% of the first 3% and 50% of the next three percent.

So giving 6% I would have them match 4.5% for a total of 10.5%.

*Again with the cheering*

Only I have a problem.

You see you apply online and it lets you pick what you want you money to go into. I think this could be a good thing.

However I seriously have NO idea what the hell I am doing and, as a result, am reduced to putting 5% in every option offered and hoping that’s ok.

Or I could come here and ask for advice on this matter. . . so I give it over to you, denizens of LJ.

Advise me!

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