Tiki (tikigoddess8) wrote in thequestionclub,

ok, so i just finished watching Message in a Bottle, with Kevin Costner and Paul Newman. suffice it to say, i was exceedingly disappointed. i'd just finished reading the book by Nicholas Sparks (excellent author, by the way) and i loved it. i rented the movie because there were so many scenes in the book that i'd love to see acted out. however, not ONE of the scenes i liked was in the movie. big scenes, like garret teaching kevin to scuba dive and theresa interacting with deanna. none of it was in the movie! they drastically changed the plot, the characters, changed names and places, and it pissed me off royally. :o(

has this ever happened to you? have you ever read a book and gotten the movie because you liked the book, then been really disappointed by the movie?

on a side note, this is why i never ever watch movies based on stephen king books. they'd just completely ruin it.

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