Slyfoot (slyfoot) wrote in thequestionclub,

Default Telnet App In IE?

How can I set the default telnet application in Internet Explorer? Ordinarily it uses the console telnet program, but you can set Hyperterminal as the default. I'd like to set a different program as my default telnet app while clicking on Telnet links in IE. I thought that you could change this in the File Types dialog under URL:Telnet, but that option doesn't seem to appear anywhere in the XP file associations dialog, probably because a file is not actually being associated with a program in this case. Anybody know how to change it to a user-defined app?

Note 1: The telnet app I'd like to use is Tera Term Pro, if that helps. And yes, I've looked for that info on their site.

Note 2: I specifically want to know how to do it for clicking telnet links in Internet Explorer, not Firefox or Opera or Joe's riLly c00l br0wzer.

Thanks in advance.

[Edit: A-HA! I figured out how to get it to work. Never mind about this question folks. Happy trails!]

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