Shadist (shadist) wrote in thequestionclub,

The feelings of a Minion

Ok for some back-story. I am a supervisor (at my one job) with two guards working for me. One is someone I had never met before the job (C) and the other used to be my brother in law (J) (I asked him to work here as we had to fire someone and needed someone I could trust ASAP).

The two don’t really get along yet they really don't seriously dislike each other either.

Today when I got in I was asked by C to tell J to keep information to himself. You see C is getting a new place and had called a shop about getting a garage door installed. He ended up on voicemail and didn’t leave a message.

A while later we get a call from this shop asking if someone here had called. J told them that it was C and told them his full name.

This really pissed off C. He told me this morning that doing that is a safety hazard and he would never tell anyone our names.

Can anyone see his point or do you think he is wildly over-reacting?

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