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Questions Three!

Chemistry: In my mother's basement, there is a substance that looks somewhat like brown kitty litter.  It is very caustic and eats through nearly anything she puts it in, including a metal coffee can.  Neither she nor her ex-husband were scientists or have any reason to have any really unusual chemicals in their possession.  Can anyone take an educated guess as to what this substance is and how she should dispose of it? 

Literary:  Somewhere in one of Terry Pratchett's some 3 dozen books, there is a name and description of Dibbler's(?) sausages, Mr. Dibbler being called "Cut-me-own-throat-Dibbler".  Can anyone tell me which book this is in?

General:  Somewhere in LJ, I saw a post about sending holiday cards to a general "soldier-in-iraq" address, does anyone have that address/info?

Thank you all! :)
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