tynyx (tynyx) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. if you were my remote control...where would you be hiding (aside from the obvious and yet incorrect assumption of between the couch cushions / under the couch)?

I've torn my entire suite apart and the remote is nowhere to be found. This really sucks because the channel up button on my tv does not work so i have to navigate with the down button and it takes forever. It's painful when I'm watching two different shows and switch back and forth in the commercial breaks.

2. Do they have remote controls with the pager system yet? I know there are car keys and cordless phones that have pagers...if there isn't remotes with this feature, what the hell is taking so long for someone to design one?

3. What's your favorite body wash / lotion scent?

3a. Does this scent hold any particularly strong memories? (Somewhat odd question but Cucumber Melon lotion or body wash reminds me of Christmas because three years in a row I got the same cucumber melon bath kit from my aunt...perhaps she bought them in bulk.)

4. What should I have for dinner? I'll need to go to the store to get it anyways as I have no food...so suggest away
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