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PlayStation 3 Backwards Compatible + Kingdom Hearts = WTF?!

I'm at bullterrierlove's house and we were going to play KH with her brand-new PS3, only for some reason it keeps on saying that the Dualshock analog controller is not connected and won't let us play it.  TT_TT  

She has the backwards compatible one which is supposed to let us play the PS and PS2 games, only so far it hasn't.  

Okay, so here's the question(s):  

Has this happened to you before?  

Do you know why this might've happened?

ETA:  It's working!!!!  XDDDD  She just pushed this one button that she'd said would work and then it did and now she's shoving that fact in her dad's face.  (he didn't believe her when she said to do that.)  

New question!  

When was the last time you said something that you knew was right and nobody believed you, and then they all looked like dumbasses when they were proved wrong?  

When was the last time you looked like a dumbass because you believed you were right and were then proved wrong?

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