Sleepy Seraphim (seraphim737) wrote in thequestionclub,
Sleepy Seraphim

So I'm sitting in Creative Writing today. Our teacher likes to tell us jokes from time to time. He goes, "If a blonde and a brunette jump off the edge of a cliff, who hits the ground first? ...The brunette, because the blonde stops and asks for directions."

Some girl: "Wait...what? Wouldn't the blonde hit the ground first? ...'Cause like, that's how dumb blonde jokes usually go...."

And then the people around her had to take like three minutes to explain it to her. In my Algebra II class, there's these three girls that sit two rows in front of me. They're the type my mother likes to call "hee-hee girls." So we were supposed to turn in a test review that day.

Hee-Hee Girl: What?! Isn't that due on Friday?


HH Girl: Well...we thought it was due on Friday.

Teacher: Well, there's the problem...that's the first time you three have thought this year.

(total silence...the girls completely do not realize they've just been insulted)

So anyway, my point is...ever known someone who was just so incredibly slow it made you fear for the future of this country?

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