Benji (justin_case) wrote in thequestionclub,

Sex questions.

A couple of questions I've been curious about. If you're bi/curious/pansexual, you can answer any that apply to you. If you're inexperienced, call me.

For the heterosexuals/hetero-sympathisers:
When you're with someone new, which generally occurs first: oral sex, or sex?
Also, do you tend to start with a more run-of-the-mill position?

For gay dudes:
Do you tend to prefer one role over the other?
If so, do you attempt to convey that to a new partner beforehand, or just make it happen at the time?

For lesbians:
Do you like to use toys, or do you prefer to use what you've got?
Do you feel that pubic hair is more or less of a concern due to your sexuality?

Also, has anyone ever met someone in the produce section? I just don't see it being that much of an advantage...
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