plasmic_slime (plasmic_slime) wrote in thequestionclub,

Oh dear......

Am I stupid to feel upset/offended by the following situation?

I'm friends with 3 girls. We all get on equally well, but as 2 are slightly insecure and shy they slightly worship me.
However, one of these 2 is having a party, and last night there was a mini-pre-party to do the invitations.
I'm more involved in the organisation of this party than the remainder is, and it was at the house of one of the people who really likes me.
I was completely ignored out of this, and then someone else who isn't going to the party was invited.
Granted, I wouldn't have gone if they had asked me, because I like being at home, but is it wrong to feel slightly offended, even more so when I was blanked this morning?
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