Liz Morris (lizdean) wrote in thequestionclub,
Liz Morris

Dear TQC,

1) All death-stick cancer comments aside, do you smoke?
b) Inside or outside? (Where inside/outside?)
c) In your car?
d) How many of your friends smoke?
e) Family?
f) The age you started smoking/if you don't mind, your age now?

2) What's your favorite thing to smoke?
b) Favorite brand of cigarettes?

3) Do you have sleep apnea(sp) (nonsmokers answer this also)
b) How long have you had it?
c) Is it genetics or being overweight, or....?

4) If you know someone with sleep apnea, can you tell me some of your or their experiences with it?

5) What is your occupation?

6) Do you celebrate Christmas?

I have some other questions I meant to ask, but I forgot them. I'll ask later! Sorry for so many billion-parted questions. :/

1)Lately, a lot of the time. It used to be just slightly more than socially, but I've been going through some "emotional trauma" the past few months and so my smoking has increased.
b) Since the rest of the house smokes, I just go ahead and smoke inside. But I love doing it outside probably more.
c) See above.
d) Not a lot, probably about 30% either smoke or have done it
e) my mom and step-dad smoke, and my aunt smokes when she's in town and her hubby isn't, my dad used to and now practically condemns smokers... psh.
f) my first was probably 13, and i'm 17 now.... so probably really my increased "regular-ish" smoking was when i was 16.

2) I've only done weed once, and according to me friends you don't really get high the first time? I've wanted to try it since then, though.
b) Dejarum Blacks (sp) are my favorite thing to smoke so far, but normally I smoke American Spirits ♥

3) Yep, I've been recently diagnosed with it. :(
c) probably both.

4) A lot of my family on my dad's side has it.... my granny sleeps with a C-Pap (sp again!) machine, and Dad just takes medicine... His doctor told him that his throat was basically made not to breathe.

5) Junior in high school; I'm trying to land a barista or baker job however.

6) Yep! I'm not really religious, but I've deff. got xmas spirit.
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