Pues segun yo (segunyo) wrote in thequestionclub,
Pues segun yo

Are any of you plumbers?

We had a guy come in under the WaterWise program to change our showerhead and install aerators to our taps.

Now we have NIL water pressure in the shower and bathtub and it is awful.

Do you have any idea how, or where I can find out how, to fix this? And get our water pressure back?

It's like now the taps only allow a certain amount of water through and it's very tiny and just makes the showers much, much longer because without pressure, the conditioner is not coming out of my hair. Or the body wash. Or anything. And I can't afford to take longer showers! As it is I'm taking too long in the morning.

Please help!

First he turned off the water, then he did all this stuff, and then he turned the water back on. What I missed is what he did. :(
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