Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

two questions:

1. I have a hat. It's black wool, with a leather trim thing... think the military beret thingy, without that patch. because i pulled the patch off. sooo, dry clean only. But, really... I don't know where there's a dry cleaners here, and it's sortof too much trouble for a hat, methinks. Isn't there a way to hand-wet-clean dry-clean only stuff?

2. crap, I for- wait! How contagious is tuberculosis? Because I went overseas this past summer, and especially because I've been coughing alot lately, I have to go get prick-tested in a week. If it came up positive, how many people would be in trouble? my roommate? my dorm floor? people in my small classes? roommates of friends? nobody?

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