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So someone asked about spirits and ghosts not too long ago. . . for those of you who believe -
last night my gf and I went to bed. . .we had both been pretty absent minded all evening. I had put water on to boil for dinner, and it boiled all off (which I don't normally do), and at a totally different time I thought that our dining room looked smoky, but when I went out there, there was nothing. So anyways. We went to bed and my cat started spazzing out, jumping behind the door, running up and down the hall, etc. And after I fell asleep, she heard a voice in our room. . . . a deep voice, that she said sounded like it was using one of those distortion machines. Saying "Wow!" and "Cool!". And of course, she's gonna be gone from this coming Thursday, til the following Monday evening. And I can't up and stay somewhere else, even though I'm freaked out, because we have two kitties. So what do you make of the whole thing?

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