Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

Kay, I just got back from lunch. One of the things I grabbed was a tofu-kebab. "Yay, foodservice has tofu!" I think. I like tofu, usually. Don't eat it alot, but when i have it it's not bad.
This I just could not stomach. I couldn't even swallow the first bite I took. The texture was just disgusting. I know there are different kinds of tofu, might they have just used a kind not good for grilling?
Or could it have something to do with what it was grilled with? That first bite had been up against a slice of yellow squash (I didn't take a bite of that, just the tofu)... I squashed another block of tofu open with the kebab stick, and picked a little out of the middle- the texture was a little better...

Foodservice is usually pretty good, so it's not just "hi, school food, of course it sucks"...

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