a week is a long time in a lift (notkandinsky) wrote in thequestionclub,
a week is a long time in a lift

You know those songs that were fairly common in the 90s, always sung by slightly geeky guys, total pop rock, they don't need all that strong a voice, often feature a high bit?
stuff like:
* Blessid Union of Souls: "Hey Leonardo (she likes me for me)" (This is the ultimate example)
* Jason Mraz: The Remedy
and sort of:
* Barenaked Ladies: One Week
* Third Eye Blind: Semi-Charmed life
* Wheetus: Teenage Dirtbag
The next closest thing would be old Blink 182 stuff, but even that's a little too "rock-y".
Do you know what I mean? is there a name for that genre? Can anyone please suggest the best/ most catchy songs of this type??

Thank you!!

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